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Prescribed by our medical experts, GLP-1 paired with lifestyle coaching is the safest and most effective long-term option for weight loss.
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How does the GLP-1 medication work?

WEMA Health's medical director, Professor Filip K. Knop, MD PhD explains how the GLP-1 medicine works to lead to safe, effective weight loss.

GLP-1 and your weight loss journey

GLP-1 medications combined with lifestyle changes and personalized coaching are the safest and most effective long-term option for weight loss, according to research

Research also shows that coming off GLP-1 with no lifestyle coaching and support typically leads to people regaining much of the weight they worked so hard to lose.

To combat gaining the weight back, our expert team will work very closely with you to build and establish healthy habits that last and provide you with the tools to help you sustain your weight-loss if you choose to discontinue the GLP-1 medication.

We never stop going the extra mile to give you lifelong health empowerment.

Increase satiety & improve digestion

GLP-1 better regulates and improves your digestion by slowing down the digestive processes.

You’ll feel full faster when taking GLP-1 as the medication interacts with the brain to send a signal that reduces your appetite which in turn supports better digestion.

Increase energy

Traditional weight-loss programs require you to simply “eat less” but often don’t provide the support people need.

GLP-1 signals your brain to reduce your appetite without affecting your energy levels. That means less snacking, more doing and effective results.

Regulate blood sugar

GLP-1 increases your insulin levels and decreases glucagon to better regulate your blood sugar levels.

Your insulin sensitivity will also increase, which helps support and improve your metabolic function.

Reduce inflammation

GLP-1 reduces inflammation in the body and the results help to alleviates other medical complications related to obesity, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and infertility.

Frequently asked questions

GLP-1 medication when combined with lifestyle changes and behavioral interventions is a safe, effective sustainable weight loss method that empowers you to have the knowledge you need for the future. This combination is what makes WEMA Health so effective and helps our members lose up to 20% of their body weight.

We prescribe GLP-1 analogues, approved by the regulatory bodies and clinically tested for safety and efficacy. GLP-1 is a naturally occurring hormone in the body. It is produced in the gut and signals to your brain to reduce your appetite, as well as improve your metabolic health.

No. GLP-1 medication prescribed by WEMA Health can be taken at the same time as any other medication.

Members may experience mild side effects, mainly gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea. Others may encounter adverse reactions, including headaches, injection site reactions, and nasopharyngitis. But these side effects do not usually continue once you stop using GLP-1.

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