A weight loss program built to empower you.

Science driven and expert founded weight loss that’s truly personalized to you, every step of the way.

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WEMA Health is a virtual first weight loss program, personalized to you.

Rooted in science and with an industry leading team of expert doctors and coaches, our program equips you with the tools for weight loss that lasts.

We take a unique approach to weight loss by combining GLP-1 medication with lifestyle interventions and personalized coaching.

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Weight loss medication backed by science

Personalized coaching with our experts

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Your health journey is unique to you, so your program is too. We support our members every step of the way.

With one-one personalized coaching, we’ve built our program to empower you to develop lasting change. You’ve got this!

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Fill out our short survey to share some details about your current health including any pre-existing health conditions you may have to see if our program is the right fit for you.


Blood test & doctor consultation

To keep track of your health progress, you’ll need to have a blood sample taken. You’ll then have a consultation with one of our doctors to confirm the start of your program.


Pick up your medication

Once you collect your GLP-1 medication, you’re all set to begin your weight loss journey. Through our app, you’ll be guided by your own health care team.

As seen in the press...

We’re proud to be recognized by some of the leading media outlets in Europe and the Middle East

“Metabolic health involves not only the food we eat, but also our energy and stress levels, emotional health and sleeping pattern. Each of these aspects play an important role and need to be taken care of when a person wants to lose weight. WEMA Health brings together all of these factors in order to deliver a truly effective, personalized weight loss program.”

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